Third largest volcano in the world

It's almost out of this world. The vegetation and the changes as we went up to the peak is amazing. We entered through a very dense forest area with tall pine trees. Once we passed the hight of the clouds, the landscape changed completely to a very dry and arid land.
As we talked to some friends about our trip to the volcano, they shared something very interesting about the Canarian Pine trees. These trees are so strong that are able to withstand fire. When a fire developes in the area, everything burns, including the thin branches of the pine trees, but the tree itself does not die. At the new start of the spring, all the pine trees that were burned, would spring back into life again.

Gramma was with us during this adventure to the Teide. The kidDOS were so happy to spend some time with her. We all enjoyed a wonderful time together. Below is a view of the observation center at the foot of the Teide.